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the time to speak up is now

As a first step it is critical that every survivor give their best effort to try and read and understand the key terms of the Proposed Agreement and consider whether they go far enough in light of their own personal circumstances.

We encourage survivors who are able to read theAgreementitself, or at minimum, theAgreement in Principle, which is a shorter summary of the key terms of the agreement. If you have friends or family who might have a hard time reading or understanding the terms of the settlement, try your best to describe it for them in clear language they can understand. 

If you are a 'self starter' and want to help spread accurate information to survivors in your local area, please use our 'Contact Us' Form with the e-mail heading 'Get Organized' and we will be in touch with you shortly. 

We will be happy to provide you with Information Packages to print and distribute in your community, as well as provide you with tips and guidelines with respect to organizing your own Information Sessions.



get organized

After you have tried your best to consider the terms of the Settlement from your own personal perspective, you should explore what others are saying about the Agreement. We encourage you to read our 'Frequently Asked Questions' article (coming soon) to learn more about the Agreement and why we think it is unfair. We also encourage you to keep a close eye on the news and explore other websites/facebook pages to learn more about the Agreement from different perspectives. 


We encourage all survivors to share resources, including a link to the Petition and Notice of Objection Form with their friends and family on social media.